Llantwit Major to Cold Knap 29/08/11

On the August Bank Holiday myself and my Dad - Haydn got invited out on a paddle with Taran and Stuart.
The arrangements were made for us to meet Taran at the Knap and Load up his Van and head over to Llantwit Major Beach to meet Stuart and then catch the Spring Tide and paddle to the Knap in Barry

Tarans Van (Myfannwi) looked pretty adventurous with 4 kayaks loaded on

When we arrived at Llatwit Major Beach the tide was still quite a way out so we decided to make a start and get the Kayaks down to the water while Taran waited for Stuart to arrive.

Although you cant tell from the pictures there was a bit of surf kicking up, with each step towards the sea it seemed to be getting worse and I was getting more nervous.
Stuart had arrived and we were all set to launch!

From this Google Earth image you can see why Llantwit Beach gets so much Surf!! Its just one big Reef!

My next photo is about 20 minutes later when I could finally let go of my paddle with one hand!!
Prior to this I lost my water bottle in a big wave and Taran kindly retrieved it.

We all made a heading towards the Knap and I was concentrating on staying the right way up!!
Hopefully Stuart wont mind me stealing his picture. I don't have many of me so thanks Stu

I think Stuart and Taran were plotting a route that would scare us the most!!!!

After about 30 minutes or so Aberthaw Power Station was in sight and we made a heading for the Water Tower. Taran said it gets some big standing waves around it and lots of confused water. Great!!!

I didn't take any pictures as I could not let go of the paddle. Once we made our way to the back of the water tower there was no going back. Waves seemed to be coming from everywhere, it was very much like white water rapids!! Stuart led the way taking us out wide to miss the worst part while Taran went in close to have a play!!
After all the excitement we rafted up to have a drink then continued on our way to the Knap

After about 1hr 45min the Knap was in view. A great day and a big confidence booster for us making our first official Sea Kayak Trip. Many Thanks to Taran & Stuart for looking after us.

All together just over 9 miles from Llantwit Beach to Cold Knap.

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  1. Hey Scott, You both did great. Glad we didn't go from Ogmore after, maybe next time :)