'Monday Club' 15/08/2011

Taran invited me along to Cardiff Bay for a paddle with some of the guys from Up & Under and a few other fellow paddlers. There was 10 of us in all minus my Dad who was away, which is the biggest group I have been out in.
We launched from Up & Under and headed down the Ely towards Cardiff Bay.
Taran in a different Kayak - A Valley Aquanaut which he was testing out. He decided to put it through its paces on the ramp first!!!!!

As a group we made our way over to Cardiff Bay then under the flyover and a non-stop hard paced paddle back to Up & Under.

There was plenty of skills practice being done by a few

We then started to make our way back via the fly-over

An enjoyable 2 hour paddle and good to meet more fellow kayakers. It was also good to see the different range of boats on the water. Elan was paddling a Blue/White P&H Cetus which I now want as my next upgrade!!!

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