Honeymoon Paddle - Mexico 26/09/11

I got married on 16th September to Lyanne and Taran was the wedding photographer!! Many thanks to Taran for his humour, his excellent photos and for being part of our day.

This isn't me!!!! Its Howard Marks AKA Mr.Nice who happened to be in the hotel.

Anyway, enough of that....Lyanne and myself then jetted off for Honeymoon in Riveira Maya - Mexico on the Caribbean Sea.
Fortunately for me they had kayaks available and I spent some time exploring some of the coast without going too far in unfamiliar waters. They were only sit-on kayaks and quite uncomfortable but I put up with that just to be paddling on the Caribbean Coastline

The sea looked amazing with its clear blue turquoise waters

Not the best equipment in the world!!!!

I launched from the main beach and decided to head towards Akumel Beach which is known for its Giant Sea Turtles

On this occasion I did not see any Sea Turtles but did catch a glimpse of this big Sting-Ray

On a separate day I managed to convince Lyanne to come with me in a double Kayak and we took our snorkeling gear too

It seems like I was doing all the paddling!!!!

This time we were lucky and spotted Giant Sea Turtles underneath us. I got off with my snorkel for a closer look.

This one was about 4 foot in length. Although it looks like I am touching it, I am in fact about 1m away from it as I could not swim down any further.
They are beautiful sea creatures and it was amazing to be in the water with them.

We landed at the Turtle Bay to see this sand castle construction being finished.

This was my usual resting place

The beaches were stunning and it was great to paddle in such nice weather in such nice and clean water!

We took some time away from Kayaking to go 'Zip Lining' over the Mayan Jungle from tower to tower!

5.30am on the beach we usually Kayaked at

Sorry for the off topic pictures: A great honeymoon and would love to go on a proper paddle expedition somewhere like this with a few of us, the scenery probably is not as interesting as ours but the sea life keeps you more than entertained and constantly on the look out for some unusual and large marine life.


  1. Congratulations to you both, looks as if you had a great time. The location looks brilliant and the water just amazing, i'm dead jealous.

  2. Many Thanks Noel - hopefully we can get out sometime for a paddle.