Harbour Practice Part II 01/08/11

4 hours from high tide so we had a little bit of a walk from the slipway at the Old Harbour, Barry. For the last 100 yards or so we carried the each Kayak on our own placing it on the shoulder to take the weight.
We headed West against the incoming tide for an hour.
 It looked very calm but on the water there was some swell that kept you on your guard. Rounding Cold Knap point there was lots of confused water and this made for some good practice.

With Cardiff Airport just over the trees it can get quite busy in the air and noisy!

Paddling back with the tide was a lot quicker!! The sky looked very moody as we practiced in the surf.

I was practicing some edging and bracing, I got a bit too confident and went over. As I was wet I decided to practice some self rescues and completed several 'clamber on deck' rescues.

My dog 'Cosmo' looking for the paddle!!

Thanks to Taran for the invite to 'Monday Club' sorry we couldn't make it. Maybe next time.

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  1. About time you got wet (LOL). Did a few clamber on decks myself today :)