Out of the Harbour! 27/06/11

We met Taran at High Tide in Watchtower bay Harbour. We have got some paddling practice in Watchtower Bay many times but never really felt confident of leaving the sheltered harbour, rounding the headland points and aiming for a destination. Today we changed that as Taran suggested heading to Jackson's Bay.
We were finally and nervously 'Out Of The Harbour'

We launched at the slipway and headed for Jackson's Bay via Friars Point.

Usually at Friars point headland the sea state can be quite rough. This is what has stopped us going around before due to lack of confidence. Taran guided us through the lumpy water with instruction and minutes later we were in Whitmore Bay with Barry Island in the backround

We made a heading towards the NCI coastwatch station and around Nells Point. Again, this part can be quite lumpy too but today was pretty calm (thank god!!)

We rounded the point without incident and into the very calm and sheltered waters of Jackson's Bay

In the calm water Taran was showing us the correct techniques for edging and turning etc, inbetween perfecting his roll!

After half hour or so w decided to head back. The tide was turning now so w expected some wave action but again it stayed quite calm.

We paddled past Barry Island and back around Friars point with no drama. We then made headway for the marker off Cold Knap Point

We made our way back towards the Knap where Taran instructed on some self rescue techniques and assisted rescues

Apologies for some of the poor quality pictures. A big thank you to Taran for his time and patience, it was great for us to finally leave the harbour!

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  1. Was a good paddle, Glad you thought it was calm at nells point as they were pretty decent standing waves you both paddled through. I'll have to try harder to scare you :)