Lazy Day

On a very nice summers day we decided to head down to the Knap and take advantage of a calm day with no wind and no rain. The temperature was around 27 degrees and the sea state was perfect.
We launched at low tide for a change and headed out on a course towards Rhoose point

It was a bit of a walk with the Kayaks to get to the water

It was great to get in the water with no waves and nothing to trouble you. We could just enjoy the weather and the scenery and not think about conditions too much

The tide had already turned as we made slow progress towards Rhoose point. We were in no hurry so just had a lazy paddle up the coast

There was plenty of activity on the water with yachts and fishing boats also taking advantage of the weather. On route we also met up with 2 Kayakers David and Lynsey who were paddling up the coast. We stopped for a brief chat agreeing how pleasant it was to be out in such good weather.

After paddling for around an hour and a half we decided to head back on the same course, this time assisted by the incoming tide

The last time we were out Taran paddled through the upper section of this marker. It goes to show how high the tide can get

Although not a long touring paddle, it was very enjoyable and really good to be on the water in such calm conditions. We took advantage of the warm weather to stay by the shore and practice some rescues.

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