Cardiff Bay 15/05/11

The weather forecast was not very good with 25-30mph gusts, we decided to give the sea a miss and head to the safety of Cardiff Bay. Taran kindly asked me to go on the Saturday but unfortunately I couldnt' make it. Luckily for us he decided to go on the Sunday too so joined us at the bay for what turned out to be a 3 hour paddle.

We headed off down the River Taff  heading for the stadium. It was good to have Taran along, he is pretty experienced and in the process of completing his BCU 4 Sea Award. He probably got fed up of all the questions!!

We passed the Millennium Stadium and Taran was demonstrating his edging skills.

After nearing Sofia Gardens the water got too shallow and we started to bottom out so we turned around and made our way back.

Taran demonstrated his roll several times. I hope I can do that soon!

Taran suggested a paddle to the main Bay so we made our way there, the wind had picked up a bit and the water was a bit more playful.

We were like an invading army approaching the Bay!!!!

Taran went on ahead as he needed a wee stop!

He got out at the Cardiff Bay Taxi stop and had to make it back in time before the taxi returned.

After a brief telling off by the bay security we headed back towards the Barrage, as soon as we got into the open water the wind picked up to 25-30mph gusts and the water became pretty rough (well, rough for me and Dad) Taran thought this would be a good opportunity to practice his rolls in rough water!
For some reason he had to exit but made a good job of a self rescue.
(not a great photo, but I didn't want to let go of the paddle as it was quite rough)

The next 25-30 minutes was head down and paddle your ass off as the wind and waves just wanted to take you back! I think Taran had a Little bit of a laugh paddling on ahead then coming up behind us, this was probably everyday stuff to Taran but it was quite new for us. (thanks to Taran for the pictures below)

Back to sheltered waters without incident. Thank you to Taran for babysitting us back!

One more Roll from Taran before we parted company.

Thanks Taran, we really enjoyed it and realised we have a lot of skills to learn.

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  1. Hey Scott, didn't mind the questions at all, just dress for a swim next time & I'll teach you some self rescues :)

    You did well in the clapotis by the jetty, good practice for the bigger stuff...